Websites and social media

When the arena team was taking to the ice for the first time, the internet was in its infancy.  Few had access to it .. and if they did download speeds were around 9600 KBPS ( as opposed to todays 30MBPS+).  That didn’t stop the fans though and many websites were created over the years that can still be seen today.

The rebirth of the Manchester Storm saw an explosion of online information.

Here’s our guide to what’s available, starting with active pages in the new era.

The Forecast podcast

The Forecast Podcast:  Post match interviews, game previews and much much more or search on iTunes

Thunderflash logo

Thunderflash: The online Manchester Storm fanzine somehow made the transition from ye olden days to the new era.

The archive pages for 1995-2002 are still online and can raise a chuckle even today at

Storm 2015

OFFICIAL WEBSITE:  The official site is at

You can also follow the club on Facebook at
and on Twitter at @mcr_storm and Instagram @manchester_storm

Many of the original websites from the Arena years are still online.  Note that images etc tend to be small as the websites were designed to cope with very slow download speeds … and the sites weren’t designed for mobile sand tablets as they hadn’t been invented yet !!

Fire on Ice
Stats and opinions on the original Manchester Storm from Mike Landers

In The Crease
Player cards, desktop images and more

Into The Storm
Into The Storm
Archive info,photos and the home of the original ITS forum