Storm Logos

The Manchester Storm logo evolved over the years into what was one of the most recognisable images in UK hockey.

Our first view of the logo was at  the launch of the team in 1995.  A simple hockey mask and lightning flashes


Season two saw a minor amendment with enhanced lightning flashes


It is worth pointing out at this time that the colouring of “Manchester” and the background “diamond” do vary online from various purples right through to blue.   This is mostly down to the way they were scanned in with old technology, converted from one format to another and/or the way the master eps file were rendered!

The enhanced lightning flash logo can be seen on videos and merchandise as well as team promotional material.  Here’s the puck artwork of the timepuck_1

2001 saw a change to the artwork with a meaner and more sophisticated logo that came in four versions;

Landscape yellow

Landscape white

Portrait yellow

and portrait white


You’ll often see the above four logos with the “2001” digitally removed … with versions of the portrait logo with the “Manchester Storm” wording removed.

There was a creative twist to the 2001 logo with a hockey character very similar to D.E.A.T.H from the Terry Pratchett Discworld novels

Further creative use of the logo saw it emerge onto team publicity like this

before a much underused version of the logo appeared in the final years of the original team.

That lettering style made it into the last season of the original team and the last combination of the storm mask and Manchester Storm branding


The new Manchester Storm launched in 2015 and adopted the 2001 branding with minor tweaks.  In the 2016/17 season further tweaks to the logo and lettering, and incorporation of the main sponsor, took place.








In March 2018, Manchester Storm announced a new logo to be incorporated into all Club activities from the start of the 2018/19 season.  The club said that ” The reasoning behind adding 1995, the year the original Manchester Storm were formed, is a mark of respect to the original Manchester Storm and the legacy they paved for the future teams such as the Manchester Phoenix and the current Manchester Storm to build from”