It was a season that promised so much but ended in crisis. With lessons learned from season 01/02, Coach Daryl Lipsey was ready to ice his strongest squad ever.


Off ice events though started to dominate. The season started but never finished. A cash crisis led to some early fixtures being cancelled whilst rental agreements with the MEN Arena were worked out. Once that was settled the club walked a financial tightrope for just a few weeks until the team’s owner put the club into liquidation. Despite a huge effort from fans to raise money to save the team the club folded in November 2002.

Last ever Storm game

The last ever game featuring the Manchester Storm

Daryl Lipsey (Head Coach) was the only member of staff to remain with the club throughout. Daryl started as a player / assistant coach in season one.

Daryl Lipsey

Daryl Lipsey

So many people contributed to this great team that came from nowhere to battle it out with the best in the UK and Europe. Who in early 1995 would have believed that within 18 months 17245 people would watch a game of ice hockey in Manchester? Who in that audience would have believed that by the Autumn of 2002 the team would fold due to a shortage of income.

The Manchester Storm:  1995 – 2002